Botanical Organic Products.

9 Dec


Botanical Organic Products is a line of cruelty-free skin care and nutritional supplements. They are an Eco-friendly company that uses all natural and all organic ingredients to bring our your skin’s natural beauty. All of their packaging is recyclable and/or reusable, they only purchase supplies that are non-toxic and made with recycled content. To top it all off, they are powered by renewable wind energy.

Botanical Organic Products are made from the finest herbs, plants, fruits as well as vitamin and mineral extracts. Everything they offer has been proven to work in sync with our bodies, no fillers or junk here. One look at the ingredients list on their skin care products and you will see what I am talking about. Chock full of the best of the best skin food, their Relatox line is no joke and it is not outlandishly priced. Win, Win.

None of their products are tested on animals and their supplement line is made with vegetarian gel caps, no gelatin, so they are a good choice for us veg heads as well. Botanical Organic seriously makes great skin care, you can learn more and order right off their site below… Botanical Organic Products Homepage.



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