For All Your Pet Friendly Travel Needs…

5 Dec


Since the Holidays are upon us, I am assuming travel is also upon many of your lists as well. Many times leaving the dog at home is simply not an option. I for one, know this oh too well. Sheraton, Philadelphia, last week, 4 dogs. So yeah, you don’t have to tell me about the headache that can come up when one is searching for a pet friendly hotel room.

While I was figuring out where to stay, I came across a few websites that are specifically for those who ‘Have Dog, Will Travel’. These sites give you a run down by city/town as to what hotels are pet friendly, what the fee is, if there is even a fee and they even take it a step further by telling you outdoor restaurants and parks that also allow dogs. It is the perfect way to plan your trip with your pet in mind. Both sites are super easy to navigate as well.

I can attest that all Starwoods Hotels, (Sheraton, Westin etc) are indeed pet friendly. Many do not even charge a fee for you to bring your furry friend. The one I stayed at last week did not even have a limit to the amount of dogs you could horde in your room either! I am sure 4 was 2 too many but we managed with no accidents and no incidents. We actually frequent Starwoods Properties because of their nice pet policy and clean, convenient hotel locations.

You also have Motel 6 which is the original pet friendly hotel. I personally like the whole outside door thing when I have my dogs with me. MUCH easier than doing the whole elevator thing, my dogs hate elevators and since they are small and cute by default (the curse of the Chihuahua) people like them and always want to get in their faces. Not a good look for a dog who is scared and has to pee. Plus Motel 6 just did massive renovations to their hotels over the past year, I stayed in one earlier this year and it was so clean, so nice and everything was new. I couldn’t even hate on it.

So attached are links to everything you need to know about pet friendly hotels. Safe travels 🙂 Bring Fido Homepage. Dog Friendly Homepage. Official Pet Hotels Homepage. Motel 6 Homepage. Starwood Hotels Homepage.


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