Kind Gift Idea: The WWF Gift Catalog.

3 Dec


Does anyone else remember when W.W.F stood for ‘World Wresting Federation’? My goodness those were the days, chase some W.W.F with a bit of G.L.O.W. and it was the perfect 80’s Sunday after church 😉

The W.W.F. were dishin’ about today is the World Wildlife Federation. Not a small group by any means, the W.W.F. works hard to help, conserve and save the animals that inhabit this wonderful planet. Lucky for us who partake in the Holiday festivities, WWF offers super cute gift packages that help different animals at different levels. You can spend anywhere from $25 to $1000’s but most gift sets run $25, $50 and $100. This was my ‘go-to’ for Holiday Gifts last year. I ‘adopted’ an animal for every kid on my list last Holiday Season. I went this route instead of running around like crazy to buy them stuff they did’t need.

Options vary but most packages come with a picture of the animal you adopt, a certificate of adoption and a bit of info about the animals and why they need our help. Chimps, dolphins, big cats, primates even fish and sea life are available, there is truly an animal for everyone in this catalog. You can also ‘build your own bucket’ as a gift, so you can include all of your receiver’s favorite animals if you so desire.

Personally, I like giving stuff like this as gifts. Not only is it a good cause but it is educational. It is important for children to know about the animals that we live among and how they need to be cared for and looked after. If you are not into the Holidays, you can still donate, join and help WWF.

Learn more below…  About WWF Gift Options.



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