Omega 3 From Algae.

29 Nov

Fish Oil. Fish Oil. Fish Oil. Everywhere I turn recommendations for FISH OIL are in my face. So what’s a vegetarian to do? Take it to the algae, apparently.

See we need Omega 3 fatty acids for many reasons, from heart health to cholesterol situations, since the body cannot make Omega 3’s, it is important we do our part to up our intake. Many studies have been done showing the comparisons between the algae version of Omega 3’s aka algal oil and the fish oil version. Time and time again, the algae has shown it is just as beneficial as the fish oil.

Besides being better for the body, algae oil is also better for the planet. The way things were going, sustaining the amount of fish needed to produce the massive demand for their oil was not realistic. Whole Foods was forced to pull their Krill based Omega 3’s from their shelves due to this concern, so this is not just some random veg head spouting off.

So see, there is a happy medium. Save the planet, save your health and save the fish. Go Algal 😉 Read More Here…


4 Responses to “Omega 3 From Algae.”

  1. David Brown November 30, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    All the hype about omega-3s is due to the fact that increasing omega-3 consumption noticeably mitigates some (not all) of the damage caused by excessive omega-6 consumption(1). A better approach would be to restrict omega-6 industrial seed oil intake(2).

    About three years ago I realized I was slowly doing myself in by eating peanut butter almost daily(3). While watching a lecture(4) by NIH scientist Bill Lands, I realized my mistake and stopped consuming peanut butter altogether. Within two months my leg pains subsided. I have since regained considerable strength and stamina.

    It’s best not to consume excessive amounts of either omega-3s or 6s because our bodies have limited ability to control their action(5).


    • Author November 30, 2012 at 11:19 am #

      These days Americans are only taking in Omega 6’s and lacking in 3’s all together.


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