Cool Cups.

25 Nov

Time for another round of vegan snacks, everyone knows how I love me some snacks 🙂 This time around we are going to dish about Cool Cups. Cool Cups are the gelatin-free, all natural alternative to Jello and yes they are vegan. When it comes to flavors, they come in orange, peach/mango and black cherry.

Since 2008, Cool Cups has been churning out wiggly cups of fun with no animal ingredients. Instead of typical, nasty gelatin they use carrageenan, a sea plant that is both plentiful and renewable. Cool Cups are also gluten free, high in Vitamin C, fat free and made with non gmo ingredients. Add to all that, they are only 95 calories per cup.

As a jello kinnda chick, I can say with no hesitation that Cool Cups are THE BEST replacement for gelatin snacks. They have the same texture, a better taste and they do the trick. I was shocked as to how jello like these cups are.

So next time you are at Whole Foods or another specialty/health food store, keep your eyes peeled for Cool Cups. Cool Cups Homepage.


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