Air Pouch By Earth Aware.

21 Nov

As you pack up gifts to send out to family and friends, lets all strive to keep it as ‘green’ and Eco-friendly as we can. Reusing boxes and tissue paper is the easiest ways to reduce and reuse and now we can even add some biodegradable air pillows to the mix.

I love packing boxes with air pillows because they are easy to use and fill the void in the box that is causing all the drama. Obviously using more plastic is not ideal but the good thing about Air Pouches by Earth Aware is that they biodegrade. They are also made from recycled materials and are made in by a company that puts massive stock and work into being Eco-Friendly. Bags and packing films are also available in biodegradable options.

Here are the ways that Automated Packaging does their part to be good to the planet…Regenerative thermal oxidizers are used to capture and destroy nearly 100% of VOCs³, Lean manufacturing processes that eliminate waste and minimize resource consumption in production, Recycling scrap film and pre-consumer bags, Manufacturing plants and corporate offices use compact fluorescent lighting and motion detectors to save energy. They also use low flow toilets, water filtration systems and recycle more than 10 tons of used office paper annually.

Learn more about them and their products below…


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