1st Step Pro Wellness B12 Complex. Coupon, Review And Contest.

17 Nov

The folks over at 1st Step Pro Wellness were kind enough to send me a bunch of their tasty B12 supplements to get down with over the past few weeks. Great tasting, stimulant-free, convenient and all natural, these ‘shots’ of B12 are a great addition to a plant based diet. As we all know, I don’t stress much about a plant based diet, except B12, it is the only thing that ever concerns me. This product easily fills that void.

I personally can drink it by itself, they taste that good but I find it to be super easy to just toss in my morning protein smoothie. That was it is done and I don’t have to think about it. Seriously, this is a really good product. If you come across it, buy it. But if you would rather have 1s Step front the bil lfor 1 years supply of their B12 then head over to their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/1stStepProWellness/app_448062015229417 and vote for a finalist. If you say you saw it on VeggieFitness then I win along with you 😉 You must go check it out stat though because the contest ends MONDAY!!!

If you don’t win you can still get 1st Step to front some of your bill with this lovely $4 off coupon they so graciously hooked us up with, http://1ststepprowellness.com/blog_promo_1012/4_coupon_blog_1012.html.

To learn more about this B12 supplement…



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