Exercise To Prevent Brain Shrinkage.

12 Nov

It’s a fact, as we age our brains shrink.  While doing things like cross words and reading will keep your brain healthy, those types of activities do not prevent it from shrinking. Physical exercise on the other hand, does.

When brain shrinking occurs, other nasty side effects start to show face. Memory and thinking problems become apparent and diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer set in. The good news is, daily physical exercise such as walking or biking, can and does prevent the brain from shrinking. In a long age study, participants who exercised daily showed not only less brain shrinkage but better brain circulatory connections as well. The more people were dedicated to exercise, the better their MRI results were.

Since the brain begins to shrink well before any ugly symptoms start to rear their heads, it is imperative that we all get into the groove of a physical exercise program that works for us and our lifestyle. And one that we love. One must truly enjoy their exercise of choice in order to stick with it. Once you stick with it, all the positive benefits and results will follow. Something as simple as going for a walk everyday can make all the difference in your health, mentally and physically.

Don’t Shrink, Exercise.




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