Downes Grounds 100% Kona Coffee.

11 Nov

When it comes to coffee, it is hard to deny the allure of Kona. This specific bean comes from a small part of Hawai’i that is located on the Big Island aka Hawai’i. This small strip of land, known as Kona is the only place in the world where this specific bean can grow. Many places try to pass their coffee off as Kona or a Kona blend but unless that bean was grown in this specific region of Hawai’i, that bean is not Kona.

So why Kona? What makes it so good? Well, it all comes down to the weather. The unique combination of sunny mornings, some clouds or some rain in the afternoon and a bit of wind at night make for the perfect conditions to grow the perfect coffee beans. A good Kona is like a fine wine, you can’t touch it’s riches. Take this from someone who gets Kona delivered every month from Hawai’i. Seriously, I am a low maintenance chick but not when it comes to my coffee, my Kona. Or my champagne lol.

Anyways, now that I have reassured you that Knoa is indeed the best, allow me to introduce you to some of the best of the best. Downes Grounds. Seriously. I don’t even know what to say about their coffee, except that it turned me, a not-truly-a-coffee-drinker-because-I-like-it, into a straight up coffee snob. Thankyouverymuch, Downes Grounds.  This family run farm sits in the fertile, deliciousness that is known as Kona. Downes Grounds started as a 1 room shack in the middle of the Hawaiiam jungle and over the past 30 years, the family has built a house, planted their crops and perfected their bean.

All the years they have spent pefecting thier beans, perfecting their brews are apparent from the second you smell this ish, you will know all that hard work paid off. Downs Grounds is not a Kona blend, this is straight up, 100% Hawaiian Knoa. Case and point, I used to live in a building, it was a situation where all the mailboxes were together. Before I even got to my mail box, I knew my coffee had arrived. If someone had opened a mail box near mine, it would activate the smell of my special delivery, I kid you not. Mind you this stuff is vacuum sealed and then stuffed in a box for delivery. Unreal. This coffee is like that. I give it as gifts and people have said it gives them ‘extra pep’ as well 😉

Besides making the best coffee beans in the world, the Downes also happen to be truly cool peoples. I was fortunate enough to meet Brian in 2010 in O’ahu at a farms market in Hawai’i Kai, he answered all the questions we had then proceeded to severe us the best cup of coffee I ever had. I went back to NJ the next week and signed up for a monthly delivery and it’s been an amazing cup of coffee every morning since then.

Their website is below, you should read their ‘family story’ it’s pretty rad, then you should order their coffee because it is simply amazing and would make an amazing gift. Seriously, best gift ever. Downes Grounds Homepage. Facebook Page.


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