Country Herbs.

28 Oct

The easiest way to add flavor to your food, without fat and guilt is the proper use of spices. If you are anything like me, you do not have a complete spice rack with everything you need to create the perfect dips and marinades. This is why I love Country Herbs so much, it’s like a per-measured spice cabinet in a packet. With 10 dip flavors and 3 bagel spreads to choose from you can choose your own adventure.

All natural, made with no msg, fillers or additives, Country Herbs are made to be blended into oil, yogurt or sour cream. Not mayo. They blend super easy, are packed with flavor and I can attest that they work wonderfully with vegan sour cream. I also got to try them mixed with olive oil which was a whole other experience. It really changed the game, made this product so much more versatile in my humble.

This is a small company located in NJ that I came across at a festival in Upstate NY. As far as I can tell their goods are not sold in stores yet but you can order any of their offerings right off their website below… Country Herbs Homepage.


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