Red Meat Consumption And The Early Death Link.

27 Oct

By now I am just shocked that people still encourage others to eat meat. I read every fitness magazine known to mankind and the only one that does not push meat is a vegan one. Go figure. To make matters more ‘comical’ this whole post came into fruition because of a blurb in one of the meat pushing fitness mags.

In between pages and pages of meat recipes, suggestions as to how much meat one needs to eat, benefits of meat blah blah blah, there was one anti-meat blurb and of course I chose to zone in on that lol. The blurb was in reference to a study that was done at Harvard, this study showed that every time someone ate meat, it increased their chance for early death by 12%. Hot dogs and bacon being the ones that deliver the ‘most death’.

Over the course of almost 30 years, over 120,000 people were studied. 14,000 died, almost 10,000 of those from cancer and another 6,000 from heart disease. After all the numbers and data were factored in and out, this is what they found. If those people who passed away had limited their meat intake to ‘only’ 42 grams of meat per day, their deaths would have been totally prevented.

When questioned as to why they were so dependent on meat, the subjects said they were concerned about their ‘protein intake’. Researchers further examined this answer and came to the conclusion that beans, nuts, whole grains and low-fat dairy are all great replacements for meat when it comes to protein. The researches even went a bit further as to mention that the plant based sources of protein are also rich in other nutrients not found in meat, so they actually pack a 1-2 punch.

But any good veg head knows this already 😉



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