Natural Born Veg Heads.

17 Oct

Ok, so in my family there are 4 kids, 3 girls followed by a boy. All 3 girls are vegetarians, all 3 girls never really liked eating meat or drinking milk. In fact, there were some intense battles at the dinner table about meat and milk. Gross. I can so laugh about it now but when I was 12 I didn’t find it to be so humorous, nor did my parents. So what’s the beef though? Were we just born like this? Do we have our parents to thank, or what?

Research has shown us that some people simply do not like the taste of meat. They are attributing this to a keen sense of smell that makes them go ‘Ewe’. A study in Norway came to the conclusion that about 70% of people have two functional copies of a gene linked to an odor receptor that detects a compound in male mammals called androstenone, which is common in meat such as pork. Those people who have the two functional copies of the gene think that meat smells quite bad. This could be precisely why you don’t like meat and probably have never liked meat.

This was only one study done but I had to post about it after I spoke with my mother today. She said something about ‘not liking the smell of meat cooking’ which got me to thinking. I am very sensitive to smell as is my mom and my sisters. This would make sense as to why the 3 of us never really liked meat nor had a hard time giving it up. We get it from our Momma.

So the moral of the story is; maybe you were just born to be a vegetarian 🙂


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