Juice Beauty.

13 Oct

Nothing beats natural, organic skin care.  I am not even joking around. I was tardy to the party by like 5 years to the natural way of keeping my skin supple and it pisses me off at times. All those years and all that money wasted on parabans and marketing techniques. Yuck. Shame on me. But oh well, better late than never, right?

As time goes on and we start to connect the dots, more and more natural beauty lines are coming to the market. And with natural usually comes cruelty-free and vegan which makes it all the better. Juice Beauty is one of these magnificent lines that uses nature to erase your lines. Not only are their products all natural they are also organic. Chock full antioxidants, Juice Beauty understands that the skin is like a sponge, it absorbs it all that is why their use a juice base. Not water. Juice. Very cool, very innovate and very smart.

Besides the top-notch ingredients and recipes they use to make their products, they also go about their business in an Eco-friendly way. Juice Beauty uses soy based inks, manufactures with solar power and uses recycled and recyclable containers. Furthermore, by using the best organic ingredients, Juice Beauty in turn also supports USDA certified organic farmers.

So see it’s all good, all around 🙂

http://www.juicebeauty.com/ Juice Beauty Homepage.


2 Responses to “Juice Beauty.”

  1. crystalwayward October 13, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    Cool. I will have to look out for this line. I love finding new eco-friendly health and beauty products. In some cases, the transition from traditional to conscientious products is not seamless – as I am have been realizing lately with organic, all-natural shampoo.

    • Author October 13, 2012 at 5:54 pm #

      Oh no, don’t even go THERE with organic, all natural shampoo. I had THE WORST time with that change, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING worked for my hair. Then I found Giovanni Eco-Chic and my hair has never been the same. I can go 6 months without a hair cut and still have no split ends, its ridiculous. There are several formulas as well, I use the hydrating one and cringe to think of my hair without it. If you have no tried it, look into it.
      I did a post on it back in the day on this blog….https://veggiefitness.wordpress.com/2011/02/13/giovanni-eco-chic-hair-care/
      Good Luck!!!

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