Eat Pastry.

12 Oct

I figured since it is Friday and the weekend is upon us, I would leave you all with something super tasty to check out. Eat Pastry cookies. It seriously gets no better than Eat Pastry. Not only are their cookies vegan, they are actually healthy. All natural, egg and dairy free, Eat Pastry was started by a couple who met on their first day of pastry school 🙂 The rest is vegan cookie history.

Eat Pastry cookies come in an ‘ice cream-like’ container that you can re-seal once you take the allotted amount out. This is great for those of us who just want to make a couple of cookies and save the rest of the dough. Their packaging makes it so the dough does not dry out and it can easily be scooped out with a tablespoon and plopped onto the baking sheet. Then in only 15 minutes you have delicious, hot, vegan cookies for your eating pleasure.

Carried at places such as Whole Foods, Eat Pastry makes it easy to snack healthy and vegan. Plus some of their recipes only have 60 calories per cookie so you are not breaking the calorie bank with these puppies. With flavors like gluten-free snickerdoodle, peanut butter chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin chocolate chip, everyone will find something they enjoy.

These cookies made my week this week and hopefully they will do the same for you. Have a nice weekend and Eat Pastry!!! Eat Pastry Homepage.


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