The Gerson Therapy.

8 Oct

If you are like me than there is a great chance that you know at least 2-5 people who have been diagnosed with or are battling cancer. It seems like no matter what, cancer gets us all at some age. Young, old, it does not even matter anymore. I know a 16-year-old with brain cancer, he just finished his 5th round of chemo and the doctors have now told his parents that this is it. This is the end of the road. He is in recovery again  and if the cancer comes back the doctors have straight up said ‘there is nothing else we can do for you.’

So of course I have been adding my 2 cents in, telling him to take the kid off animal products and to seek alternative therapies. He has started to do so now but this has not been easy. The doctors he deals with have been delivering him the fine tuned standard bs, such as diet does not matter, alternative methods are worthless and that we are your only answer. He claims that he feels the doctors are only keeping his son ‘well enough’ to get sick again so they can bleed them and insurance out of more money. He does not believe his son will ever get better like this and neither do I. This is how I came across The Gerson Therapy.

The Gerson Therapy is very simple at the core. It fixes your body with the proper diet. No gimmicks, no tricks, no-nonsense and no deadly chemicals pumped into your already weakened body. The Gerson Therapy relies on the body’s amazing ability to heal itself with no side effects. Through correct supplementation, this therapy combined with our bodies reaction to it has cured cancer, arthritis, heart disease, allergies and other chronic illnesses. All of the whole foods that are pumped into the body while at the institute, flood your system with enzymes, minerals and nutrients that will break down diseased tissue and help detoxify the liver.

Our bodies become polluted with toxins just by breathing. If we are eating well then our bodies are already properly fighting off these toxins and protecting out cells from mutation aka cancer. If our diet and immune system are already compromised then it leaves us way more vulnerable to diseases like cancer. Once we are vulnerable and continue to feed the mutations with animal products, we have a big problem. The great thing about The Gerson Therapy is that it is never too late. This therapy has been used for almost 100 years with amazing results. For cancer, their rate of success is way higher than chemo. Some types of cancer such as liver cancer do not respond well to typical Western ways, but they do respond very well to The Gerson Therapy.

I am not saying this is not some magic cure-all but if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer then it is defiantly worth looking into. The Gerson Institute Homepage.


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