Holistic Holiday At Sea.

29 Sep

If you are in the market for a vacation that takes into account every aspect of a healthy vegetarian lifestyle then you should really look into the ‘Holistic Holiday At Sea’. This 7 day voyage includes stops at beautiful islands such as Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. While on board you will be relaxing at the pools, dining on delicious vegan food, taking yoga classes, pumping iron in the gym, getting spa treatments and learning things at the exciting seminars. Of course you get 4 days at land, on these islands where you can explore the local culture, cuisine and beaches.

Sailing on the luxurious Italian crafted, Eco-Friendly MSC Poesia, you will be surrounded by like minded people and some of the most influential people in the veg lifestyle. There are many lodging options from big rooms for couples with balconies to smaller rooms perfectly situated for singles. Prices vary and some of the rooms are already sold out. This says a lot considering that the cruise is not until March 2-9, 2013. This cruise gets thumbs up from everyone who ever went on it and it seems to get a lot of repeat passengers 🙂

Get on board below…

http://www.atasteofhealth.org/ Holistic Holiday At Sea Homepage.


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