Feelin’ Alive!

28 Sep

The truth of the matter is that it is very hard to find a quality multivitamin that does not contain gelatin. It is also hard to find a multivitamin that does not have 500% of the daily recommended allowance of things. Like why do we need so much? We totally don’t and it can actually be quite bad for our bodies. Some people shun multi vitamins altogether and I get that. If you eat well enough then you should be fine, that much is true but the fact of the matter is most of us do not eat the most perfect diet everyday. B12 for example is nothing to joke around with but it can easily be attained from eating something that is fortified with it. Since many people do not like to eat processed things this presents a problem and this is where a quality mulit can pick up the slack. One should not depend on a multi to get all of the vitamins and minerals they need but one should think of it as insurance policy that fills in the gaps.

This brings me to Alive! Multivitamins. Formulated without gelatin, dairy, sugar, corn, yeast, wheat, preservatives or artificial flavors, Alive has formulas for both men and women as well as the 50 and over set. From a glance I find their amount of vitamins to be realistic and the balance between minerals and whole foods is really unique. It is like a multi vitamin with benefits which is nice for those who are not too into fruits and veggies, yet. As long as your working towards eating better and being more active there is nothing wrong with some help along the way 🙂

I personally take Alive when I remember which is about 3 days a week. Other days I do consume fortified protein shakes like Svelte which have B12 in them or a Cliff Builders Bar which does as well. On those days I do not feel the need to overload my body with vitamins as long as I eat balanced enough. Both Svelte and Cliff Builders Bars are vegan, fyi. So if you feel like you need a multi to fill in the gaps, Alive gets my vote.

http://www.feelalive.com/ Alive! Homepage.


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