Annette Larkins: The Ageless Woman.

27 Sep

I came across Annette and her story quite sometime ago and just had to share it because I think it speaks volumes. Annette Larkins is 70 years young, that is her in the picture above. No really, that is a 70 year old woman. A 70 year old woman who takes no medication, gets up at 5:30am everyday, grows and tends her own gardens and just so happens to be a raw vegetarian. Many are saying she is vegan but she does use honey so I guess that would make her vegetarian. But anyways that is just a minor detail, now onto the bigger picture.

Annette went vegetarian back in the 1960’s while her husband owned a butcher shop. She first went vegetarian then went raw and no unfortunately her husband did not follow suit. Neither did her girlfriends. Today her husband of 54 years is on several medications for aliments such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Amos does not have the energy Annette does and he is constantly in awe of his wife. Her friends all look at her now and say how they wished they had followed her nutrition advice all those years ago. I too would be kicking my own ass if I looked 70 and my veg head bff looked 50. Annette’s healthy lifestyle has had such an impact on her appearance, she is a size 4, that people think she is her husbands daughter, even his granddaughter, when they go out together. Ouch. Score one for the veg life 🙂

So as you see, getting older should not be a burden and I don’t think it should be looked as one either. All we ever hear about is how our bodies are going to fail us when we get old and that we will all get fat, blah, blah, blah. I have always thought that to be total nonsense. Sure some good genes and a bit of luck always help but diet and lifestyle trump all. Why be all hunched over at 70, sick on meds, when you can look fly and healthy like Annette does?

Read more about Annette, buy her books, try her recipes below… Annette’s Website.

Annette And Her Husband Amos.


2 Responses to “Annette Larkins: The Ageless Woman.”

  1. veggiemamasd September 27, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    Omg… she looks great. Her poor husband

    • Author September 27, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

      LOL. Seriously. He just laughs about it too, I mean what else can he really do?

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