The Problem With Palm.

19 Sep

Palm oil is in EVERYTHING and it sucks, it is so hard to avoid and by us not avoiding it we are causing Orangutangs to border on extinction. These Orangutangs are killed by those who harvest the palm, usually  left to die, sometimes even tied to trees. Their environment is then brutally devestated by these sick twisted people who fail to realize they are only killing off a very close relative. So friggin sad, I could cry about this issue all day long. Last year at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival there were people there representing the Orangutangs and their struggle for survival and it broke my heart. Since then I have been saying NO to the palm. There are some companies who ethically source their palm oil and this is a step in the right direction. But do we really need it at all?

Palm oil comes from the palm fruit that grows on African Palm Trees but most of it comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. In order to get this oil they must slash and burn the rainforest, leaving a wake of complete and utter devastation. Since many companies know how shady the palm practices are they will now disguise it under the broad name ‘vegetable oils’ when listing the ingredients. Don’t be fooled. Most cookies, cakes, baked goods and even peanut butters have palm oil in them. Don’t support these companies, there are many alternatives to palm oil, these companies are just too greedy to use them, don’t feed into their C.R.E.A.M dreams.

There are plantations that make ‘sustainable palm oil’ and if a company is using sustainable palm oil in it’s products then it will be mentioned on the packaging. Companies like Earth Balance and Justin’s who use palm oil, address the issues on their websites and show how they do not contribute to this deforestation and abuse. If it is not mentioned on the packaging or on their website then the palm oil you are about to consume is doing a world of hurting to our planet and its species. Read more below…  Warning: There Is A Picture That May Make Some Sad On This Link.


3 Responses to “The Problem With Palm.”

  1. davebrown9 September 19, 2012 at 11:02 am #

    It would be wonderful if corporations had a conscience. They don’t. So it is important to investigate their claims and become familiar with the facts. Here are some facts presented by the coconut oil interests.

    “In one year on one acre of land a farmer can produce 18 gallons of corn oil, or 35 gallons of cottonseed oil, or 48 gallons of soybean oil. However, on the same amount of land you can produce 635 gallons of palm oil”

    From a health standpoint we know that coconut, palm, and palm kernel oils are far healthier than soybean oil. In terms of environmental impact:

    On a soybean plantation, “all trees and other vegetation are killed and removed. Only soybeans are allowed to grow. And what about wildlife? Animals would trample or eat the crops, so they are fenced out, shot, or poisoned.”

    On an oil palm plantation, “the soil…remains essentially undisturbed. Native grasses and scrubs are allowed to repopulate the space between trees. The natural habitat returns, complete with wildlife. An oil palm plantation takes on the appearance of a rain forest, filled with vegetation…Wild boar, monkeys, birds, and other wildlife are allowed to roam in and out of the plantations, just as they do in the wild. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are rarely, if ever, used. Since the ground is continually covered with trees and growth, the soil is not eroded, maintaining the integrity of the environment from the tiniest soil organisms to the largest land animals. So a palm plantation blends into the environment without causing untold disruption.”

    It boils down to this. Which corporate interest is telling the truth?

    • Author September 19, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

      Of course and most of them are not. This is why only Justin’s and Earth Balance we mentioned as being ‘aware’.
      When you are making a product that is geared towards the veg set, as Earth Balance is, you truly have no choice but to make things right on an ethical, cruelty-free, Eco-friendly level. This crowd is too outspoken and knowledgeable on what they think and feel is right so if you alienate your demographic your product will tank.
      As for everyone else and everything else I see in the store. Screw them.

      • violetsvegnecomics October 24, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

        Great post – thank you for all this information. I’m sure, as davebrown9 says, anything could be unethically produced so it’s up to us to do our research, not just take a vested-interest’s word for it. Thanks for keeping this issue at the front of our minds.

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