Chick Pz.

14 Sep

Gosh I love snacks. I am a certified snacker. I have come to realize that I don’t really eat ‘meals’ anymore, I just straight up snack the day away. My car looks like a buffet and my purse has more food in it than anything else. Finding new vegan snacks is like a passion of mine and the latest treasure is a snack called Chick Pz. Anything with a ‘Z’ is alright with me so even though chickpeas are not my favorite, except when in hummus form, I knew it was going to be on.  I could feel it. I grabbed the Chai Vanilla one since I figured that is a hard flavor to go wrong with.

Each bag is 2 servings but you can eat the whole thing for 220 calories plus your are just munching on naturally roasted, flavored chickpeas so this is a snack that is actually good for you. As we know chickpeas are high in protein and fiber as well as rich in folate, magnesium and iron, so snack on. Anyways the most important part of the snack is it’s taste because even if it’s good for you but the taste sucks, the whats the friggin point? With Chick Pz this is not as issue. These little guys are super tasty and crunchy. I have no doubt that almost everyone who tries them will love them. This is the best thing since hummus to happen to chickpeas, in my humble opinion.

Best part is Chick Pz fit into many different diets and lifestyles. Being free of gluten, soy, dairy and nuts makes them a healthy snack for the masses 😉 Chick Pz Homepage.


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