Southern Candle.

13 Sep

I love candles, especially the ones that remove odors from the air, forgetaboutit. They are all over my house. The whole issue is that some just straight up do not work. Fortunately for us, Southern Candle does not have that issue. These candles not only smell AMAZING, they work like a charm. Pet odors, litter boxes, smoke, food I mean within 10 minutes of lighting these candles the nasty stank is gone. Even garlic, ever browned garlic in a pan only to have your whole damn house smell like it? Get a Southern Candle and get rid of the problem.

So we know they work but what are they made of? Actually Southern Candles are ‘green’ candles that are made with clean burning soy wax. Soy is easily replanted and replenishes itself quickly so the environmental impact is super low and since soy burns so clean you don’t have to worry about the pollution factor. Their wicks are also made from cotton with no toxic chemicals on them. Each candle comes in a glass jar that can be returned to Southern Candle where they will refill it for a fraction of the cost. Or you can recycle it or even reuse it since the soy wax will come clean off the glass. To top it off they are made in the USA, something they are very proud of.

So with Southern Candles you get a clean burn, an eco-friendly source of wax and a quality product that is made my good people. It all smells good to me, peep their website below… Southern Candle Homepage.


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