Aardvark Straws.

10 Sep

Straws. Never seemed like a big deal to me until I started making my iced coffee at home this year. I admit, I am spoiled, I have been getting coffee sent to me from Kona, Hawai’i for 2 years now from a place called Downes Grounds (a whole post about them will now have to follow). I finally decided this would be the year I make iced coffee out of it and stop dumping $3-4 a day plus a plastic cup on Starbucks iced coffee that doesn’t even compare. Not once did I think about the environmental impact of all those straws, until it was the only waste I was producing from my coffee consumption. By the end of the week there were almost 20 plastic straws in my recycling bag and it made me tre upset. Then the universe intervened as it always does when the time is right and the wine is right.

Sitting a top this ugly ass freezer I have yet to move out of my kitchen, was a single wrapped Aardvark Straw. Wrapper 100% intact so I could get the 4-1-1, no wet spots, no crumbles, like the friggin thing landed out of the sky in perfect condition. I don’t recall bringing it into my house and I have not lived here for all that long either so I am just convinced ‘it appeared’ and boy am I glad. Aardvark Straws are the ish. They are paper straws that are biodegradable and they also happen to be made here in the USA, a fact they are very proud of. Made with no toxic materials, non toxic dyes, these straws look, feel and work just like your everyday plastic, toxic ones we use. Don’t think for one second Aardvark is just trying to cash in on this ‘Eco-Friendly’ marketing craze either. No Sir, they have been making paper drinking straws since 1888 as a matter of fact  😉

Aardvark sells their straws right on their website, you can buy a ‘smaller’ box of 600 for your home or you can order super large sizes for your business. They also can print your logo, name, sign whatever on the straws if that is what your looking for. And if there are any businesses out there wondering if their customers even care about them taking steps like this, yes we do and yes we notice so bust a move…

http://www.aardvarkstraws.com/ Aardvark Straws Homepage.


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