Switch Your Grip.

9 Sep

Have you ever showed up to the gym only to think to yourself, ‘Am I out of exercises’? Sure there are tons of machines one can use and tons of weights and barbells and cables but how many biceps curls or triceps push downs can one do? And since we don’t even want anyone saying, ‘the gym is boring’ or ‘I am not getting any results’ we have a simple solution for that. ‘Switch Your Grip’. From over hand to underhand, underhand to overhand, whatever you are favoring right now, next time you work out, simply switch it up and gain a whole new routine and bod.

For instance, if you usually perform lat pull downs with a straight bar and an over hand grip then next time switch it to an underhand grip. Not only do you have a new exercise, you are also hitting a totally different part of the muscle. In fact by using an underhand grip you will hit parts of muscles you may have been neglecting up until now. Same goes with biceps curls performed with a barbell, switch it up, curl up using an overhand grip instead of the basic underhand. This applies to standing rows, dead lifts, squats, shoulder raises and many other exercises.

So next trip to the gym, switch your grip on every exercise you can. Your body will thank you and you can thank me later 😉


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