3 Sep

SlimKicker is a neat idea that helps you track and earn points for your weight loss. With a website on-line and an app for your phone it is an easy way to make your weight loss goals a reality with a twist of fun. With SlimKicker you gain points for making healthy food decisions, exercising and other things like giving up candy/soda/fast food for a week etc. As you accumulate points, you advance in level and become eligible for special prizes and giveaways. With no fee to join, SlimKicker is a great way to get your healthy habits rolling as well as great motivation to keep them rolling.

In today’s world of fast paced lifestyles, face paced food and fast paced weight loss gimmicks, ideas like SlimKicker stand out as being a realistic way to approach this lifestyle change. Accountability is the number one thing one needs to achieve this lifestyle change. One must be accountable for what they do or do not  eat and as well as for how much they do or do not exercise and SlimKicker does exactly that. Peep their site below for more info, to sign up for free and to download the app… SlimKicker Homepage.


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  1. what do i do to lose weight fast September 16, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    Thanks a lot for all of this.

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