Read This: The Compassionate Diet.

30 Aug

The Compassionate Diet is a book written by Mr. Arran Stephens. Mr. Stephens also happens to be the owner of Natures Path Organics, a wonderful company who we have spoke about a couple times here on VeggieFitness. A vegetarian his whole adult like, Mr. Stephens examines a plant based diet through and through in this book. Leaving no stone unturned, he teaches us how our diet not only effects us and our bodies but the Earth and everything on it as well.

This is no shock tactic book, it is factual based in study and research and it is presented to the reader in a non-judgmental manner. Being that Mr. Stephens is a pioneer of the organic foods movement and an active participant in the holistic health movement, I think it is safe to say he may know what he is talking about. The Compassionate Diet is a great book to give someone who is interested in making the switch to a vegetarian diet. It will not scare them off but it will inform them enough to help them reach the right decision 🙂 More About The Book Here.


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