For Your Monsters: Bone-A-Mints.

25 Aug

We are back with another rawhide-free dog bone, these ones are called Bone-A-Mints and I must say, they are a great product. Made with your dogs stank breath in mind, Bone-A-Mints are a natural way to help rid your dog of stank breath all while killing their urge to chew on something. With ingredients like rice powder, garlic powder, brewers yeast, chlorophyll, parsley, fennel, dill and peppermint oil, you can feel safe knowing your furry friends are only gnawing on the best nature has to offer. My 4 dogs go crazy on these but then again they like everything.

As the alternatives to rawhide grow it makes it easier for us to make better, healthier choices for our furry friends at home and those furry friends who become rawhide on the farm. Dogs do not need rawhide but they need things to chew. Options like Bone-A-Mints and Cerea (which I blogged about before) can be found most anywhere from T.J. Maxx to Pet Value and if you don’t see a rawhide free option at your pet store please ask them about carrying alternatives like these. I know most pet stores not only special order but they will also short stock them to see if they sell. Good things can happen all around if you ask, I learned this recently at Pet Value in Madison, NJ. They hooked it up with no sweat so the fur kids can be happy, healthy and vegetarian with ease 😉

More About Bone-A-Mints Below… About Bone-A-Mints. For Sale On Amazon.


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