Clean And Press.

24 Aug

The weekend is upon so I figured I would leave you all with one of the best exercises ever. I love this exercise, love it, love it, love it. Did I mention that I love it? Anyways. It’s the infamous Clean and Press and no you do not have to be an Olympian to make this move happen. First off let’s discuss why the clean and press is the ish. Let us start with the fact that it works almost the whole damn body, from top to bottom the clean and press has you covered. Secondly, its easy to do. It looks and sounds way more complicated than it actually is. Third, it will make you stronger. How can it now when it is working your whole body? And lastly, it’s a classic and we all know that when it comes to lifting the classic moves are always the best. How many fads have you seen come and go since 1972? A lot right? And just imagine that 1972 was when the clean and press finally got tossed from the Olympics for being too hard to judge, technically.

So how do you do a clean and press? Read on for the 4-1-1…

First off you will need a barbell, it can be preloaded or you can take an Olympic style one and load it with the proper weight. If you are new to this exercise then please, please, please start light. If you have a bad back this goes for you too, take it slow and light. You can always add more weight if it is too easy but trust me, every rep gets way harder with the clean and press.

With your feet shoulders width apart and the bar above your toes, bend down and grasp the bar with an overhand grip, keeping your knees behind your toes at all times. Lower your butt to the floor until your knees are parallel. If you have bad knees then modify the depth of your squat accordingly. DO NOT ARCH YOUR BACK, you will hurt yourself, badly. Never arch during a clean and press.

Now pull your shoulders back and together, head looking straight forward, back straight and explode upward. Using a quick movement snap the weight up to chest level and then using your shoulders and upper arms, push the barbell up over your head, straight up. In a controlled manner bring the weight back to the ground and repeat.

It should look like this…


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