…And Yet People Are Starving.

23 Aug

So anyone who knows well…anything, knows that the farming of animals not only kills the Earth but it destroys our food supply. There would be no one starving if this was a planet of vegetarians. Not even joking, look into it and get back it me if you don’t believe it. In fact, I read that currently the world produces enough food for every one on the planet to eat 2,800 calories per day. That is double what is recommended. Yet people all over the world are starving and the world is gasping to feed us all. Unfortunately our habit of throwing away as much food as we eat, is making this situation A LOT worse. So bad that our landfills are mostly full of uneaten food 😦

Here in America, each family of 4 throws away about $2,300 worth of food per year. Per year. The same people who cry poverty yet drive suv’s (unnecessarily) when gas is $4 a gallon, toss away 2 months worth of mortgage payments a year in food. Heck that is even a years worth of car payments for some people. However you slice it, it’s a lot of money, $165 billion annually once you add it all up. 165 billion. Now that’s a cryin shame. I mean really, how utterly astronomical is that number? And that is all FOOD. Not clothing, cars and other stuff, just FOOD.

Now screw the monetary factor, lets look at the bigger picture. For every 15% we reduce our food tossage we can feed 25 million people. I just read that 25 million kids are starving here in the US alone so there you go. Cut down your food waste by 15% (everyone) and we can see that no more kids here have to go to bed hungry. This is what I am talking about when I say that ‘Everything Is Connected’. That is my answer to so many questions that come at me. It is all connected. The food is not here for us to buy and throw out, that is glutenous and wasteful. Not to mention I think that it should be illegal for grocery stores to throw stuff out. They need to work out donations with non for profits, shelters, group homes and other community outreach and social services programs who are strapped for cash and are trying to help.

So that is my factual rant of the day. This is something we can all improve on, here are a few tips… Buy less than what you think you will need. Cook things right away and freeze them for the rest of the week. Cut and freeze fruit before it goes bad. Look at what you toss weekly and stop buying it (trust me it’s there). Make smaller more frequent trips to the market, sure it maybe more of a pain but you will be more focused on that day and what you need right then. If that is not an option, pre plan your meals for the week and buy only what you need if you take one big shopping trip per week.

I am sure you crafty people have tons of other ways to be resourceful and not waste food. Please feel free to share 🙂


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