Why You So Nasty?

19 Aug

EWE. Sorry but I don’t consider myself to be prissy or anything of that nature. Hell if I’m eating candy and a piece drops on the ground, good chance I am picking it up and eating it. Over the past couple years I have been trying to work on my ‘clean’ obsession (plates, forks, glasses all need to be rinsed before I use them) and I am getting better. But the one thing I CANNOT get behind is PEOPLE NOT CLEANING THEIR MACHINES AT THE GYM. I am sorry but that is just NASTY. NASTY. RUDE. INCONSIDERATE. DIRTY. GERMY. SELFISH. And did I mention NASTY?

As a paying member of a gym NO ONE wants to be forced to sit in your sweaty ass seat after you do some lat pull downs. So what are the options? We either CLEAN UP AFTER YOU or we are forced to change our work out. For people like me who are all serious about working out, that second plan just sucks. I go to the gym with my workout already in my head so I can be in and out as quick as possible. I am not there to clean up after self-righteous individuals and neither are the people who work there. Ever seen someone leave a sweaty machine only to go and sit on another machine? WHO DOES THAT? Who raised these people? Who died and crowned these people king? Makes me want to puke to be honest cuz seeing a seat full of someone’s ass sweat is simply REPULSIVE.

This popping off at the mouth is also coming from a serious sweat machine. I sweat like a beast and work out like a beast and NEVER leave any trace of my nastiness behind. As soon as I walk in the gym I take 3 towels, 1 for me and 2 for the machines or benches I use. I never touch anything without a towel and I use gloves and straps to lift so I can avoid touching things even less (and so I can lift heavier and longer but that is another post in itself). I know what it’s like to sweat like a beast and there is no excuse for being a SELFISH, RUDE and NASTY about it. And since I am in the mood, I work out at Can Do in Short Hills, NJ so if by any chance any of the members I am bitching about come across this post, let it be known that YES I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU ALL.


Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚


3 Responses to “Why You So Nasty?”

  1. gold price August 20, 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    There’s a group pf six guys that come in use the free weights. They dropem and yell. Not your normal yelling either. I’ve heard them in the tanning bed and the free weights are on the otherside of the gym. There pretty cool but they are messy when it come to the gyms. I think all gyms have the same problems. Chatting on phones between reps. While you wait for the bench. Leaving dumbbells on the floor now where near the racks. Placing the dumbbells in the wrong spots. Leaving you wondering why your 35 pounder feels like a 55. The time it takes to find the weights due to them being missed placed or left nowhere near the racks is crazy. I like checking myself out on front of the mirrors, Like we all like to do especially while were doing a incline dumbbell set. Than you got some dude doing Shrugs in front of you using your mirror section. Oh another thing when you barely start a set or are in the middle of one and you get the ones that are saying you almost done. Like the gym membership is by the second. Not bring towels to the gym. Well all sweat. And sweat goes on the machines. Not wipping down the machines. Isn’t that just nasty. I guess if its at your house sure leave it. But some times the machines stink of sweat. I know we all do some or most of the things we have all mentioned. But it those that are obivous that get to everyone. Hope no one gets mad at this one. When the kids club hours are over around 9 at my gym and the kids are running around the treadmills or stairclimbers. Or even the free weights thats just dangerous speacially when the wieghts just get tossed around on the padded floor. I know we have kids and we all want to work out. But maybe a babysitter after the day care section is closed would be better.

  2. corey August 20, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    You Go Girl !! Tell it like it’s supposed to be Told !!! Peace Out !!

    • Author August 21, 2012 at 9:38 am #

      Ha Ha.
      Seriously though, shit is NASTY.

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