The Thick And Thin Of Us All.

15 Aug

2011’s fattest and slimmest states according to BMI have been announced and leading the battle of the bulge for the 6th straight year is the state of Mississippi. Texas rounds out the Top 10 list that looks a little something like this…

1. Mississippi 34.9

2. Louisiana 33.4

3. West Virinia 32.4

4. Alabama 32.0

5. Michigan 31.3

6. Oklahoma 31.1

7. Arkansas 30.9

8. Indiana (tie) 30.8

8. South Carolina 30.8

10. Kentucky (tie) 30.4

10. Texas 30.4

Now on the flip side of the coin we have the trimmest states and although we give them props for being on the bottom of the bad list, their percentages are still nothing to write home about. Even the slimmest state for the second year has almost a 21% obesity situation going on. The bottom half looks something like this…

1. Colorado 20.7

2. Hawaii 21.8

3. Massachusetts 22.7

4. New Jersey (tie) 23.7

4. District of Columbia 23.7

5. California 23.8

6. Utah 24.4

7. New York (tie) 24.5

7. Connecticut 24.5

7. Nevada 24.5

As we all know there are a multitude of issues that come with being obese, from diabetes to heart attacks obese people are more prone to it all. That is the bad news and for some more bad news real the image below. But there is good news, as we know it can all be changed with daily exercise and a plant based diet 🙂


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