DRY Soda.

14 Aug

As a kid, my parents really didn’t give us much soda which I thank them for. I never reach for a soda when I am thirsty and I don’t count it as a ‘drink’ but what I do like is a bottle of high quality (or Mexican) soda once a week. The latest conquest in the ‘healthy soda’ world is DRY Soda. DRY is defiantly a soda for the grown and sexy if you know what I mean. It’s so grown and so sexy, it actually has its own tasting room but we will get into that a bit further down.

DRY Soda shows us what 1 woman on a mission can create. In search of a better tasting, lower sugar, all natural alternative to the chemicals that line the grocery shelves, DRY was born. By only using 4 ingredients and natural flowers and herbs for taste, DRY is simply in a league of its own. No aftertaste, no shocking sugar taste and no overwhelming flavors, this is a simple soda that almost borders seltzer but with a bit more kick. They come in 4 packs and of course you can order bigger shipments off the internet if you find one you really dig. With flavors like Blood Orange, Vanilla Bean, Lavender and Cucumber, there is sure to be something you like. I personally am a fan of the Vanilla Bean, its like a light version of cream soda, it is refreshing and delicious. And since they are low in sugar each bottle only has 50-70 calories so they will not break you healthy lifestyle routine 🙂

Now if you are ever in the Seattle area and have some time to chill and kick it, you should consider stopping by the DRY tasting room. Seriously, how cool is that? A tasting room for soda, unique and tre hip. They are located at 410 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104 and they are open Monday-Friday from 11am-5pm. You can give them a call at 206.652.2345 x7 before you head over or for more information.

Must. Try. DRY.

www.drysoda.com DRY Soda Homepage.

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