Back In The Saddle Again…Regrouping After The Loss Of A Pet.

13 Aug

First off I just want to thank everyone for their kind comments and nice emails. This was not my first go round in the world of putting a pet down and I can now tell you that it does not get easier, I think we just get more stoic. Camina, was my dogs name and she was what one would call a ‘Mill Dog’. She bred those cute little puppies you see for sale in the pet store, she did that for close to 8 years, 2-3 times a year. All while living in a chicken coop. One of those little ones they use for egg stuff. She never saw the light of day, never touched grass, never ran, never really walked much, never got to mother her pups, never had a name, never had anyone pet her, all in all she never got to be a dog until she came to live with us. Knowing her pain and struggles and all she over came, makes me elated to know that she was adopted and got to be a real dog but it also deepens the pain I have towards animal breeding and abuse. I currently have a former stud as well and the mental damage that was done to him before I got him was unfathomable. He was straight up deranged when I got him, so bad I had my dad bring him back but then I felt bad and here we are 7 years later. I have no idea what it is like to have an easy dog, to have a puppy I can train or to not have animal baggage. Every single one of my animals is a toss away or a stray off the streets so when Camina had to be put down the ripple effect was felt throughout the house. Ever see a 4 pound Chihuahua mourn the loss of his best friend? It’s almost more depressing then putting a dog down, the pain dogs feel and the way they express it is just heartbreaking.

Knowing that my animals do indeed feed off my energy, I have been forced to be happy 99% of the time, therefore my mourning has not been as severe as it was the first time I did this in 2005, when I had no other animals to worry about plus that was my first dance with doggy death. This time around, while Camina was alive I really basked in every moment I had with her. I paid attention during our walks, cherished the small things and now all I have are amazing memories that keep her alive in my heart. I think everyone mourns differently and I don’t think there is a wrong way but I do know that you have to absorb every moment you have with your furry friends because they are not with us nearly long enough. I am also learning that the choice of putting a dog down is gut wrenching and not easy at all but one must remember this choice is not about them but about their furry friend. Allowing your best friend to live in pain for our own selfish pleasure and need is not right. Some will say ‘playing God’ is not right either but to suffer or not to suffer is truly the question.

For those who wonder when it is time, I have this to say. Look in your dogs eyes, they will tell you. Some dogs stop giving kisses, some dogs stop walking, eyes may get watery and they will lost their appetite. If you think your best friend is slowing down please keep an eye on them and watch them. Be there to see when enough is enough because you own that to your furry friend, you owe it to them to let them go with some dignity. Wouldn’t you want it the same way? If anyone has any questions about this process or wants to share their story please feel free, I know that most of the people who read this blog are animal owners and obviously animal lovers and I thank you all for sticking around while I got my head around this all.

Life, Love and the constant pursuit of a lint brush. R.I.P. Camina 🙂

Camina Sitting In A Laundry Basket Of Warm Clean Clothes. An All Time Favorite Of Hers.


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