This Is What Happens When A Fashion Magazine Thinks They Should Dole Out Nutrition Advice.

2 Aug

I personally don’t read any fashion magazines anymore. Vogue had to go, too much entitlement between those pages, not to mention dead animals being sold for thousands of dollars. Lucky just didn’t do it for me, maybe I am not trendy enough and now Marie Claire is gone with the wind too. Bye Bye. Didn’t like them that much to begin with.

Why am I so upset? Simply because this fashion magazine has balls and I am over it. Why the felt to add their 2 cents about the vegan diet is beyond me. What did they say about it? Basically that it sucks, you will get fat and you will have no energy. Yeah, ok. Let’s go to Venus and Serena Williams and see what they have to say. Regardless, this article full of pure nonsense made it to the front page of Yahoo, so their piss poor advice and ‘research’ can and will be seen by the masses. Can’t we sue for slander or something 😉

The issue truly is that the vegan diet and lifestyle are TAKING OVER and if you are not down with the movement, you are left in the cold, dead animals in hand and stomach. Then you feel guilty. So in return you take a couple of examples of people who didn’t thrive on a vegan diet and call it the ‘SCARY TRUTH’, get it published and spread it to the public. Who knows if those people even ate well? One can be vegan and live off Oreos, french fries and pasta, not healthy at all but that does not make the vegan diet itself unhealthy. It is the people who are unhealthy and who make unhealthy choices. Period. Funny how they did not even attempt to switch hit and show proponents of the vegan diet, to in turn publish a creditable, well-rounded piece of information. Instead we got an all out slander fest. Heavy on the assumptions light on the facts.

Maybe I should just ‘Get Over It’ and guess what? I already am. But as someone who stands for what they know is right and for what they believe is right, Marie Claire can Go. Pound. Salt. How 1 or 2 people having issues with the diet makes it bad for the masses is beyond me. Everyone I know on a veg diet is kicking ass and taking names. Plus they are slimmer, have less health issues and just look good, better and healthier then the rest. So you can run and tell that, Maire Claire. The Jibberish Is Here.


4 Responses to “This Is What Happens When A Fashion Magazine Thinks They Should Dole Out Nutrition Advice.”

  1. The Soulicious Life August 2, 2012 at 11:23 am #


  2. madelinehaywood August 2, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    “There’s no question that a balanced, well-planned vegan diet can be healthy.” “There’s no problem with trying veganism, but go in without a game plan and you could put your health in danger.”

    I don’t think the article is trying to say eating a vegan diet “sucks, you will get fat and you will have no energy.” I believe it’s trying to make a point that unless you are eating a healthy and balanced vegan diet, it can be dangerous just like any other diet. A vegan diet shouldn’t be used as a lose a bunch of weight really fast diet. It should be a lifestyle that you educate yourself about and choose for good reasons.

    • Author August 2, 2012 at 4:13 pm #

      The underlying tone and title of the article say it all in my opinion.
      Plus the whole ‘one must prepare so much blah blah’ is kind of old too. Honestly I don’t know too many successful veg heads who did a whole lot of ‘planning’ before hand. I think the media spins it WAY out of proportion and makes it seem unrealistic so they can push their agenda of meat, meat and more meat that way we all stay fat and sick and in desperate need of their ‘legal drugs’. There is no money to be made off of healthy, slim people.
      The only possible thing a well rounded, non-supplemented vegan diet could be lacking is B12, not protein, not iron, nada. And the only reason B12 is an issue is because the soil we use to farm is so eroded and void of nutrients. But at the same time most vegans do not lack anything because they eat well.
      Now don’t even get me started on all the nutrients meat eaters lack…

  3. silver price August 16, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

    Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to do this diet 100% to receive major benefits, (Adding even a small amount of raw fruits and vegetables to your diet can make a huge difference.) but if you chose not to do this diet 100% it wouldn’t be fair to claim that you tried this diet and that it didn’t work for you.If a person decides to go vegan because they want to lose weight but they are still eating meat, dairy, and eggs in secret and they don’t lose weight is it fair for them to give people the impression that they were following a vegan diet and it didn’t help them lose weight?You aren’t doing this diet 100% if you are still having occasional cooked food binges or “Cheat Days”… The whole concept of a “Cheat Day” (A day in which you don’t follow the diet that you’re on and instead you basically eat nothing but foods that aren’t allowed in your diet.) makes no sense to me. “Cheat Days” = “Sick Days” in my opinion, because you can’t eat nothing but really clean and natural foods for a long period of time and then suddenly spend a day eating nothing but unhealthy foods without getting really, really, really sick from it.Honesty is very important here. (Even a lot of well known diet book authors get very uncomfortable and even defensive when asked the simple question, “What have you eaten in the past 24 hours?”) If you aren’t getting the results that you are wanting ask yourself if you are truly doing this diet 100%. If the answer is “no” you’ll know what is likely the problem.

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