1st Step Pro Wellness Whey Protein.

1 Aug

The kind people at 1st Step Pro Wellness sent me some stuff to try. I already gave the 4-1-1 on their awesome liquid B12 supplement and now we are onto their whey. I got both the French Vanilla and the Chocolate. Both offer up 15 grams of protein per scoop and 5 grams of fiber. The list of ingredients is short, sweet and to the point, add to that it is low in sugar and in fat.

So I used the chocolate one to make some dark chocolate chip peanut butter protein balls and it is AWESOME. It tastes so much better than the one I was using before, less chemical tasting, less ‘grainy’ feeling and better mix-ability. The french vanilla one got tossed into my morning protein shake in place of my regular whey and once again, it did not let me down. Tastes great, mixes great, I really have zero complaints about this stuff.

In a sea of whey 1st Step stands out with their strong ingredients list, their fiber content (which is not often found in other whey’s) and their commitment to making quality products. There is so much garbage in the supplement market but the tide us turning, companies like 1st Step Pro Wellness who actually care are out there and they are making their presence known.

http://1ststepprowellness.com/healthy_muscles.html About Their Whey



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