Shop Here: Vaute Couture.

28 Jul

The amazing high-end, Eco-friendly vegan company, Vaute Couture, has recently opened its flagship store in Brooklyn, New York. If you don’t know about Vaute Couture I will give you a brief run down…Very well made coats for both men and women, all fabrics are Eco friendly and all coats are made by hand here in the USA.  Recently they have also been venturing into other forms of vegan clothing such as dresses and t-shirts which you can peep at their store in Williamsburg. Vaute’s whole store is also vegan and eco-friendly. They used old mannequins from Abercrombie, a wrap desk from Barney’s, left over paint, lockers that were once used at a school and they used old doors from ‘Build It Green’ to create their photo booth and wardrobes.

I own a Vaute Couture winter coat and I LOVE IT SO MUCH that when I moved last month I refused to pack it into a box with my other coats. I actually didn’t even pack it period, it just rode in the back seat of my car that way I could keep my eyes on it to be sure it arrived as perfectly as it departed from my old house. That is the power of  Vaute Couture jacket and I am not the only one who feels like this 😉

Vaute Couture. 234 Grand Street. Btw Driggs Ave and Roebling St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC 11211. Open Tuesday-Sunday 1pm-8pm. Vaute Couture Homepage. Link To Post About Vaute We Did Last Year.


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