Save The Chimps.

22 Jul

Save The Chimps is the world’s largest sanctuary for chimpanzees who have been rescued from research laboratories, entertainment and from the pet trade. This sanctuary is currently home to almost 300 chimps, some who were subjected to decades of laboratory testing. Located in Florida, Save The Chimps strives to help these magnificent creatures over come their past lives. They do not breed these chimps and they try their best to prevent any reproductions from happening at the sanctuary. Save The Chimps does allow research to be done on the chimps they home but the research must be done from a far and in a non intrusive manner.

The way this sanctuary is set up is simply a-m-a-z-i-n-g. It is made up of 12 islands of grass, palm trees, hills and climbing structures. Each island also has a hurricane proof ‘home’ structure for the chimps to hide out in when it gets thick during storm season. On these islands the chimps are free to live their lives as they please. Kick it with their friends, enjoy a sunset in solitude, whatever they want to do, they can do at Save The Chimps.

Currently Save The Chimps is in need of donations for their ‘special needs’ chimps. As we all know, animal testing is one of the cruelest and inhumane things ever and if these chimps make it through all those years of hell they are left with the scars. Mentally, physically and emotionally. The sanctuary needs to build a separate building to house the chimps who cannot live on the islands with the rest of the crew. They estimate this will cost about $800,000 to accomplish and would give those who suffered at the hands of humans a second chance at life.

Learn more about this sanctuary and donate below… Save The Chimps Homepage.


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