Top American Killers.

20 Jul

When you think of what Americans SHOULD be dying of, things like heart disease should not even be in the realm of it, neither should most of the other top 15 if you really want to get into it. As the ‘most developed nation in the world’ it boggles my mind that our number one killer aka Heart Disease, is a 1000% (yes that is a 1000%) P-R-E-V-E-N-T-A-B-L-E. How is the ‘most developed nation in the world’ getting picked off by preventable diseases in 2012? In one word…D-I-E-T. But don’t ever expect that to be the answer the government, doctors or big business gives you, that answer is too simple and would solve too many problems without too many people getting P-A-I-D 😉 Hence the fact that the FDA approved a SECOND ‘obesity cure all’ pill this week.

Anyways, when it comes to what kills Americans it is border line embarrassing. Old age does not even make the list, people are literally not even getting a chance to live out their full life spans these days. And the sad news is that our life spans are only getting shorter and shorter thanks to the way we eat and live. So sad if you think about it, I had the pleasure of knowing both of my Great-Grandmothers, some kids these days will be hard pressed to get 25 years with their own parents. The list below shows us the sad reality of life and death in the United States, the only words that come to mind when I read this list are ‘Really?’, ‘Honestly?’ and ‘Preventable.’

What Kills Americans…

15- Lung Inflammation aka Pneumonitis.

14- Parkinson’s Disease.

13- Hypertension.

12- Chronic Liver Disease aka Cirrhosis.

11- Septicemia aka Bacteria In The Blood.


9- The Flu and Pneumonia.

8- Kidney Disease.

7- Diabetes.

6- Alzheimers Disease.

5- Accidents.

4- Stroke.

3- Chronic Respiratory Disease.

2- Cancer.

1- Heart Disease.


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