19 Jul

NuGo stands for Nutrition To Go and they offer soy free, dairy free, high fiber, high protein, low sugar and kid friendly bars, so needless to say, you will find what you are looking for. NuGo offers 8 different types of nutritional energy/protein bars. They are all natural, Kosher and some are even vegan, every time I find a new vegan protein bar I jump for joy so I was psyched when I found out NuGo bars taste as good as they sound.

I have personally chowed on a few NuGo bars recently and I loved them. I tried a dark chocolate mint one and also a dark chocolate crunch soy free dairy free protein bar, would buy them both again with no hesitation. The big plus about NuGo’s chocolate options is that they are made with real dark chocolate 😉 You can find these tasty bars at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe and Food Town to name a few. I personally came across them at the counter of a vegetarian restaurant so you never know… NuGo Nutrition Homepage.


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