Me, My Sigg and I.

18 Jul


Paying $30 for a water bottle sounds utterly ridiculous and when I bought my Sigg, 3 years go, I was feeling some type of way about it. I mean, why? Well 3 years later, same Sigg in hand, I have my answer. Because they are worth it. Better for you, better for the planet, it’s a win win.

Swiss made from aluminum, Sigg has been around for over 100 years. Manufactured in Switzerland, 90% of the bottles they make are exported around the world. Light weight, recyclable and high quality are what set Sigg apart from the pack, these bottles are loved by athletes and everyday people a like.

After 3 years and lots of droppings in parking lots, my Sigg maybe on its way out but it is going to be replaced with another Sigg and then another and another and you know where I am going with this 😉 Just think how many bottles you will never use if you just spend the $30 on the Sigg, the thing pays for itself over and over again plus Mother Nature thanks you. Sigg Homepage

This Is My Sigg. He Is The Best.



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