Restaurant Review: Jerusalem West.

17 Jul

Jerusalem West is a Kosher, Vegetarian restaurant that does serve fish. So I guess that would make it a Pescetarian restaurant, right? Anyways, fish or not Jerusalem is the ish. It is set up ‘cafeteria style’ you step in line and peep the selection, choose what you want and keep it moving. They offer everything, I mean literally you can get a fresh made veggie sushi roll and a whole cheese pizza to go. It is the perfect place for those who cannot make up their minds, you can just take some of everything and chow happy.

One thing I must touch on, well two actually when it comes to Jerusalem West are…first, their pizza is amazing. Trust me, I found it odd to be drooling over a slice of kosher pizza here in Jerz when I am surrounded by the best pizza in America but I do. I love their pizza, it is just perfect. Old school, thin crust, not too much if anything just a simple pizza. Secondly, their falafel should be illegal, I am going to turn into a falafel with hummus because of this place. I just moved like 3 blocks from this place, eat there 2x a week and cannot get enough. Never had better falafel in my life. Period. Apparently I am not the only one who feels this way cuz the web reviews all mention their killer falafel.

The best thing about Jerusalem (besides the fact that it is in my front yard) is that it is cheap. Everything they serve is under $10, falafel is only $5, this is something they do consciously and I applaud them for that. They make it easy to eat healthy without breaking the bank. I personally can eat, so when I go out and have to pay $40 for my dinner, I does not settle well with me. I can chow at Jerusalem and spend $10 for falafel, a slice, a drink and maybe some ‘cola flavored’ mentos if I am feeling naughty. It is actually affordable to eat at Jerusalem every night and I bet some people in my hood do. Besides offering a whole plethora of hot food options, they also sell lots of candies, cakes, cookies and other Kosher, vegetarian items.

Location and hours are listed below, keep in mind they observe the Sabbath and are closed from 3pm on Friday’s until 11am on Sunday’s.

Jerusalem West. 99 West Mount Pleasant Ave. Livingston, NJ 07039. 973.553. 1424. Open Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm and Friday 11am-3pm Jerusalem Homepage.

Jerusalem Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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