Steve’s Craft Coconut Cream.

14 Jul

So, no this is not something you should eat everyday but yes, this is something you need to try. Especially while the temps are soaring. Meet Steve’s Craft Coconut Cream. This delicious, full fat, coconut cream based ice cream is some of the most rich and decedent frozen desserts I have ever come across. All natural, dairy free and vegan, Steve’s Craft Coconut Cream puts you everyday ice cream to shame.

This delicious treat comes in several tasty flavors such as Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough, Mint Cacao Chip, Coconut Cilantro Lime, Chocolate Almond Butter, Cinnamon Coffee and Tea Time. I have personally tried the first 2 and they were both the ish. I always lean towards mint chocolate combinations and can honestly say this is one of the best.

Steve’s used to have a store in Manhattan that they recently closed but they will be re-opening in Brooklyn in the near future so keep you eyes open for that 🙂 Steve’s Craft Coconut Cream.



One Response to “Steve’s Craft Coconut Cream.”

  1. gold account July 16, 2012 at 4:18 pm #

    Steve’s Craft Ice Cream recently opened its first New York location on East 42nd Street. For those of you who don’t remember Steve’s Ice Cream, it started out in Massachusetts back in the ’70s and was known for its assortment of flavors and mix-ins. Steve’s made it to NYC in the ’80s and was widely popular at the time. Not quite sure what happened, but after disappearing for a bit the brand is now being relaunched as a high end locally sourced and small batch produced artisanal ice cream company. Steve’s these days eschews the mix-in’s for high-end flavors with a swirl, spice or mix or two for old times sake. Steve’s works with three separate bases: a whole milk line, coconut creme based line, and sorbets.

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