And They Did It Again…

9 Jul


So I know I just posted about Serena’s win the other day but the fact that Venus and Serena won their 5th Wimbledon Double Title needs to be noted on this blog since we are obsessed with all things plant and fitness related. By now we all know that both of these ladies are vegan so this is not only a major victory for them but a major victory for the diet. It is getting really hard to rebut the vegan diet when you see the worlds best athletes operating on plants and killin it.

At the ages of 32 and 30, Venus (who is born only 4 days befrore me, so I am not calling anyone ‘old’  by any means) and Serena are not the youngsters on the court anymore, many people’s professional athletic careers have come and long gone by 30 so for these 2 to not only be playing still but winning is just amazing. This win comes 10 years after their first doubles victory at Wimbledon. The Williams Sisters have a long way to go if they want to be one of the oldest doubles winners though. Fellow veg head Martina Navratilova holds that record, age 49 in Montreal in 2006 😉



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