Winning Wimbledon On Plants.

7 Jul

Serena Williams did it again and made history in the process. Winning Wimbledon is no chump change and doing so over the age of 30 is almost unheard of. In fact the last time a woman over the age of 30 won a grand slam title was back in 1990. Martina Navratilova, age 34 at the US Open to be exact. Not only did Serena accomplish that feat during her 5th Wimbledon win she also had 102 aces during the tournament which is a women’s record as well as a personal best for Serena.

This is all great news period but even better news since Serena went raw-vegan at the beginning of 2012. Her sister Venus adopted the vegan diet for health reasons and being an amazing sister Serena went along for the ride for support. Low and behold, 7 months later she is kicking ass and breaking records all over the court at Wimbledon. All right before her 31st birthday. Congrats to Serena are in order.

So here we have another athlete who is the best of the best, the creme de la creme, eating plants and taking names. Any coincidence that Martina is a vegetarian 😉


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