Sentry Natural Defense.

6 Jul

So it finally happened to me. Fleas. I seriously don’t think in my 10 years of adopting Chihuahuas and my past year of taking in street cats, that I ever had fleas in my house. Granted I have lived in city areas more often than not but at the same time I thought I was immune lol. Yeah. Joke is on me.

Over the past few weeks I noticed the itchy scratchies happening to my dogs but I thought they were shedding or whatnot. Then I decided to take in these 2 Chihuahuas as fosters for the week and boom the itching got them right away. They came to me freshly groomed and manicured so I knew that it was not them and that my dogs were to blame. So over to Pet Value I went. Since every flea shampoo I have seen is a mess of chemicals that are not only hazardous to humans but to ‘domestic animals’  there was no way in hell I was putting that junk on my fur babies. Well today I lucked out cuz there was an alternative option to the madness, Sentry Natural Dog Flea Shampoo. Made of all natural oils from peppermint, cinnamon, clove and rosemary. I will admit I doubted it abilities but boy was I proven wrong.

As soon as I put this stuff on my smallest one, Ramses, the fleas just jumped off. It was so gross, I am a clean and germ-a-phobe person so it really grossed me out. But it worked and one by one all of the Chihuahuas residing at this orphanage were cleaned of those nasty fleas. And low and behold, the 2 fosters I have, had the least fleas, it was all my dogs fault 😦  I actually enjoyed the smell of this shampoo, very earthy and natural smelling and obviously it worked as promised. So next time you get hit with a case of fleas grab a bottle of Sentry Natural, good for your pets, bad for their fleas.

They have a whole line of natural pet products, peep them all below… Sentry Natural Pet Products.


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  1. gold account July 7, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    Sentry Natural Defense is a natural shampoo for dogs and puppies that kills and repels fleas. The natural ingredients make this shampoo safe to have in your home and use around your children and pets. Natural Defense is veterinarian tested and is proven to kill adult fleas. This shampoo is quick lathering and features a fresh spice scent to keep your dog or puppy smelling good.

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