Benefits Of Jogging.

1 Jul

The word ‘jogging’ makes me think of the part in Anchorman where Ron is telling them he will not be at the pancake breakfast cuz him and Veronica are ‘trying this new fad calling jogging’. Love that scene 🙂 Anyways, I saw my bro yesterday and he was lookin slim and trim, apparently he has been jogging and it shows. Besides the obvious loss of weight, jogging also carries a host of other benefits both mental and physical. Check out these 10 reasons as to why you should get your jog on…

10 Benefits Of Jogging.

1- It’s Easier Than All Out Running. Some of us simply were not ‘Born To Run’. Jogging is more appealing than walking and running but carries the same benefits.

2- It Helps You Get Your Mind Right. This is true with most forms of exercise. Exercise stimulates the brain, releases good hormones and helps you learn how to stay focused.

3- It Is Part Of Your Fountain Of Youth. Jogging helps to keep your bones strong and muscles strong. Two things that usually get weaker with age.

4- It Leads To Less Sick Days. Boosting your immune system is one thing but jogging on the daily can also help ward off cancer, heart attack, hypertension and osteoporosis.

5- It’s A Natural Stress Releaver. A solitary jog helps people get time alone to think about life and problems or time to just zone out and enjoy. Jogging is also a great release for negative energy and frustration.

6- It Will Help You Sleep Better. Physical fatigue always helps one get a better rest and jogging regularly may help combat some effects of insomnia.

7- It May Be Confidence Boosting. Losing weight, getting toned and having a sense of accomplishment all lead to one having more confidence. Jogging can help you with all these categories.

8- It Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure.  A simple routine of daily jogging has been shown to lower people’s blood pressure.

9-It Strengthens Your Heart. Jogging speeds up your heart rate and in return it strengthens the heart muscles and reduces your risk of heart disease.

10- It Is Free. It costs nothing to step outside your house and go for a jog. I suggest investing in a good pair of sneakers, it is worth it and your back, hips, legs, feet and shoulders will thank you for it. But honestly, no gym membership needed, just get outside and go…


2 Responses to “Benefits Of Jogging.”

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