Dr. Mercola’s Cocoa Cassava.

24 Jun

Energy bars seem to fall into 2 categories to me. ‘Horrible’ and ‘Better Than Good’. After finding and eating this Cocoa Cassava bar by Dr. Mercola, I am going to have to create a new category…’Stellar’. Honestly there is no other way to describe this bar. If you like coconut and dark chocolate, love ‘Mounds’ or ‘Almond Joy’ bars, then this is the perfect all natural,healthy replacement for your candy bar habit.

These bars are a tad on the expensive side but it totally a case of ‘you pay for what you get’. High quality ingredients, great taste and a nice nutrition profile are some of the perks of this Cocoa Cassava energy par. You also get 4 grams of protein, around the same amount of fiber and healthy Omega 3’s from Chia seeds. To top it off, all ingredients are organic and from what I gather, vegan as well 😉

http://products.mercola.com/cocoa-cassava/ All About The Cocoa Cassava Energy Bar.


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