Chinese Olympians Go Veg.

23 Jun

Since meat is nasty and contaminated with who the hell knows what, the Chinese Olympic Team has gone veg while training for the Olympics. No this move is not health or compassion related (too bad) but at least it is happening. China is the worlds biggest consumer of pork so any little bit they stop eating, works for me.

These athletes will not be eating meat since there have been traces of ractopamine in it, a drug which is illegal in China. Hoe ractopamine is getting into pigs is beyond me, all we do know is that last month China rejected a shipment of  103 tons of American pork because of its contamination. Gross and wasteful all around, not like I am blaming them but I mean come on, slaughter all those animals only to have their meat not even be consumed. Oh Marone. What is wrong with this picture, besides everything?

I am obviously all for this but for more reasons than contamination, obviously. Some of the greatest athletes of all time were/are vegetarian. Jack LaLane lived into his 90’s and never got cancer. Carl Lewis won 10 Olympic medals, John Salley won 4 NBA championships and Dave Scott won the Ironman 6 times all on plants. I am very curious to see how this diet change, changes their training and placing for and during this Olympics.

Regardless of how or why, the best meat is always no meat 🙂 Read About It Here…


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