Nellie’s Natural Products.

21 Jun

I have been using all natural laundry detergents for a while now and I can honestly say, they are way less harsh on my clothing than the chemical ones. I have less fading, less piling and even less static without a dryer sheet. All of these pluses meant that I was super psyched when I came across Nellie’s All Natural Laundry Detergent and even more psyched when I saw their dryer balls 😉

With all these animals, 5, if you must know lol, there is always laundry going and it can be quite costly and annoying not to mention time-consuming. I must say that since I have been using Nellie’s Dryer Balls the time I need to dry our stuff has dramatically been reduced. Saving me not only time but money on the electric bill and stress on the planet. These crazy dryer balls look like a dog toy and last 2 years, that is 2 years of fresh clothes with no harm to the environment or to your threadz.

Of course Nellie’s does not test on animals and of course everything they make is all natural. You can find their products at hardware stores, eco-friendly retailers, health stores and of course right on their website on-line. Nellie’s All Natural Products Homepage.



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