Glow Head To Toe.

20 Jun

Before I get into this post I would like to apologize for my spotty posting the past week. I have been moving, so many things in my life have been tore up, annoying, busted, lost and broken. Hopefully we will be settled in over the next couple of weeks 🙂

Anyways back to the good stuff, today I am going to talk about Glow Head To Toe. These self tanner towelettes are actually really, really awesome. I had never used a towelette for tanning before because it seemed MORE complicated to me (I am a VERY BASIC person, all across the board), I always assumed that it would leave a streaky mess plus what about the moisturizing aspect?I figured I would try them out, found them for $3 at Marshalls so it was not exactly like I was breaking the bank with them.

Turns out that sure, using a towelette to apply tanner feels a bit awkward at first but you easily adapt and keep it moving. There are 30 towelettes in the package and I use 3 per tanning session, that covers my whole body and face. The first time I used them I did not apply moisturizer on top and the next morning I had a wonderful ‘healthy glow’ with zero streaking. The second time I used them I decided to apply moisturizer on top and although it did not streak, I don’t feel it made me ‘glow’ as much in the morning. You don’t need to moisturize cuz for some reason these towelettes do not leave your skin dry. All in all I have had wonderful experiences with Glow Head To Toe and highly recommend this product. It is safer for you than a real tan and it is not tested on animals 😉

Get Glowing… You Can Buy Them Here At Urban Outfitters. Or At Drugstore.Com


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