Shop (and eat) Here: Karmavore.

12 Jun

Karmavore is a store/restaurant that is located in New Westminster, British Columbia about 15 minutes from Downtown Vancouver. Split into two floors this amazing shop is home to a vegan store on the second, which includes shoes, clothing, personal care, belts, wallets and mucho other vegan accessories and goodies. On the first floor they have opened a vegan cafe and deli, featuring deliciousness such as soft serve, burgers and croissants. I am getting so hungry just typing about this lol. This floor also includes a vegan grocery store, this place is literally a one stop shop for all your vegan lifestyle needs.

The idea of Karamavore was built out of the owners love and respect for animals. By opening this store they hope to help make it easier for people to carry out their cruelty-free live style on a daily basis. Karmavore also donates 10% of their daily profits to charities that support animals. Everything they do at Karmavore has the planet, the animals and your cruelty-free lifestyle in mind, when shopping at Karmavore expect the best of the best that the vegan world has to offer 😉

Karmavore. 610 Columbia Street. New Westminster, B.C. V3M 1A5. 604.527.4212. Open Daily From 11am-6pm and on Holidays From 11am-5pm. Closed December 25th. Karmavore Homepage.


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